MyBookie Review


MyBookie is an online sportsbook that offers a wide variety of betting options. Its primary focus is horse racing, and its market coverage is superb. It offers odds on almost every major US race and many international races. It offers an array of exotic wagers, too. However, the selection of sports betting is not as diverse as its racing counterpart. This is due to a lighter focus on proposition wagers and market depth.

Lessons learned from setting up MyBookie sportsbook

MyBookie is a Costa Rica-based sportsbook that caters to bettors from around the world. It offers betting odds for NCAA Basketball, as well as lesser-known games. The UCLA Bruins have won 11 national championships, while the USC Trojans are on track to reach the Elite Eight in 2021. NCAA Football has more award opportunities and future wagering opportunities than NCAA Basketball.

They charge a vig on bets

A vig is a charge that sportsbooks take on every bet. The amount of the vig will determine the amount of potential profits. These commissions are part of the sportsbook’s revenue and give them an advantage over the average bettor.

They accept most major cryptocurrencies

If you want to play sports betting online using cryptocurrencies, there are several sportsbooks that accept crypto payments. The BetUS sportsbook, for example, offers a 50% deposit bonus to crypto users on their first deposit. This bonus is larger than most other crypto bookies’ welcome bonuses. This book also offers a reload bonus on subsequent crypto deposits. This match bonus varies by loyalty level, but can be up to 50% per deposit, and there is no limit to the total amount of bonuses a player can receive.

They offer customer service

Sportsbook customer service is an important part of betting, but not all sportsbooks are created equal. A helpful and knowledgeable staff will make you feel more comfortable and confident about your decisions. When making your decision, consider reviews on third-party websites. These sites can offer useful insight into how well a sportsbook treats its customers. Check out their reviews and see which sportsbooks have positive and negative comments.

They offer a good return on investment

Investing in sports games is an excellent way to turn a hobby into a lucrative career. The key to success is to consistently win more bets than you lose. As a beginner, you only need a small bankroll to get started. There are numerous online sportsbooks to choose from, but research is key.